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We Are Music

With a strong name already in music recording, the rebirth of Seven Arts Music is the start of something amazing. The portfolio of licensed artists and entities will be growing at an astronomical rate in the coming weeks and months with the purchase and negotiation of distribution rights, mechanical licences, complete recordings and more!

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Music is Life Itself

– Louis Armstrong

Seven Arts Music

Las Vegas, Nevada

With our recording center in Las Vegas, we have a close proximity to the movie studio as well as access to the best talent in the world; they’re just a short trip away! Our partner studios are well equipped for bands all the way to solo artists, and employ some of the best sound engineers and producers in the world.

Mastering Perfection

Our extensive mastering processes are run by the biggest names in music. Seven Arts’ reach into Hollywood and beyond allows us to contract and collaborate with artists with hits on Billboard’s Top-100. The value we place on bringing in the best allows us to produce to the level we are expected to release.

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Music Distribution

 Developing a vast network of prospective licensees is what makes our distribution network complete. Holding the performance and mechanical licences of our recording artists allows us to integrate into broadcast (radio), branded content (commercials), digital distribution (iTunes) and of course feature length pictures and documentaries.

Album & Song Streaming

Releasing content to streaming services and digital album download programs is something that we’ve never been able to take advantage of until the restart of Seven Arts in 2021. The unlimited potential of reaching new audiences, and ease of obtaining these new and classic tracks opens a revenue stream that has never been seen before for our studio, and will certainly be felt on our balance sheet.

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You’ve never heard this before

Seven Arts has a vault full of unreleased tracks from some of the most well-known names in music; and we have full distribution rights for them. The remastering and re-release of never-before-heard-tracks will unite these sounds to the biggest fans all around the globe. 

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Seven Arts is an entertainment company specializing in film and music production.
Previously based in Los Angeles California, Seven Arts has moved from traditional Hollywood theatrical releases to now focus on direct releases through major streaming platforms from its new Atlanta offices.

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