Seven Arts Entertainment is back…

The ResurrectioN

Phoenex in Flames

Breathing new life into 2021

Since the dawn of the world as we know it, history always repeats itself. A new take on an old music track takes the classic vibes and introduces it to a whole new generation of listeners. Turning an animated classic into a live action feature film brings a profound love and admiration for a story that stands the test of time.

Classic stories are enhanced and renewed for the generation in which it is being told.

This is what we’re doing with Seven Arts Entertainment’s resurrection. Bringing a company with deep roots in Hollywood and bringing you the best in entertainment all over again.

Are you ready?


Seven Arts Films

Camera Ready. Roll Sound… Action

West Hollywood roots with global appeal producing content that connects with audiences everywhere. Scripting to distribution makes Seven Arts truly an all-in studio.

Seven Arts Music

The best is yet to come…

Machine Gun Kelly, Adam Barber, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, DMX. Need We Say More?

We’re back & bringing the most epic content to our fans

New Levels of Entertainment

Since opening the world has changed in how we are getting content out to our audiences and with a clear and direct focus of allowing fans easy access to quality entertainment, we’re focusing on four major elements of film and music production.

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Production House

Icon Earphones

Recording Studio

Icon Documents

Music Licensing

Icon Film

Film Distribution

On Air

We are currently working on major projects and exciting partnerships to bring Seven Arts to the world. From digital streaming to Hollywood production, from remastering classics to acquiring new talent, Seven Arts Entertainment is blasting into what we consider to be a bright and prosperous future for our fans, and our shareholders.

Stay tuned because there is so much more to come.